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Company Profile

Beijing BWProtect is a professional manufacturer specialized in technical fabricsfor human protection. The company was founded in 2007 in Beijing thanks to a win-to-win partnership between EUROPROTECT FRANCE (EPF) and Beijing TECHTEXTILE.
BWProtect benefits from EUROPROTECT’s
cutting edge technology and registered patterns, and from BW TECHTEXTILE’s long production experience in China. BWProtect is determined to play a key role in the ongoing improvement of the protective textile industry by developing innovative products.
BWProtect boasts its customization capacity which enables BW Protect to provide special solutions to different end-users. The catalogue consists of FR fabrics and yarns, antistatic, thermal, heat insulated, chemical repellent and acid repellent
fabrics. BWProtect's products can meet domestic and international standards such as GB8965,GA10-2014,GA 633,GA 869,GA634;EN469,EN471,EN 11611,EN11612,ISO15384,NFPA 2112.
Thanks to its international background and market positioning, BW Protect is committed to fast response and excellent service to our customers all over the world. Our products are mainly applied for the military, SWAT, fire brigades, the metallurgy of iron and steel, coalmines, petrochemical, aviation .